Tatton Discretionary Management Agreement

Lothar Mentel, CEO and CIO of investment manager Tatton Investment Management, said the company had a good year, with assets under management increasing by £1.2 billion in the year ended March to £6.1 billion. High-quality, cost-effective and client-oriented investment management with a five-star Defaqto rating Our portfolio management fees are among the lowest in the UK. Our offer of discretionary services and funds is distributed exclusively through financial advisors and investment platforms. We were established in 2013 and are now one of the fastest growing platform investment managers in the UK, with £7.6 billion in assets under management as of 14 June 2020. Tailoring an investment portfolio to a client`s risk adjustment is an essential part of the advisory process. Since financial advisors know their client and must ensure that their advice is appropriate, there are advantages to recommending a discretionary investment service designed to fulfill this obligation. Tatton offers a unique style of fund management, which means that we can in turn give you access to institutional arrangements that are not typically available to individuals. These specific activities keep Tatton`s operating costs low and allow us to pass them on, making our fees one of the most competitive on the market. „Given that many of them are equity wealth analysts, it`s strange that they`ve never really looked and realized that if you don`t have the fixed costs of a back-office or sales team, then you can of course do a proper discretionary service at 0.15%. That view has changed now, and it was very satisfying to prove them wrong. If you outsource your investment management, you save time, reduce business risk and focus on what`s more important: providing personalized service to your clients. Roddi has over 20 years of experience in communications management and management for financial services companies, having previously qualified as a financial advisor.

Through extensive agency experience, Roddi has contributed to the development of many leading investment and asset management brands and products in the IFA and consumer market. DFMs are not necessarily expensive. By choosing a portfolio manager that offers a range of options at a reasonable price, you reduce not only the time you spend on investment management, but also the fees your client spends on fees. Industry experts highlighted the problems with VAT exemptions on discretionary fund management fees after HM Revenue and Customs found that Tatton`s model portfolios were exempt from this tax. . . .