Confidentiality Agreement Template Dental Practice

Remember that it is possible that an employment contract 1) a non-competition clause, 2) a no-draft clause and 3) a confidentiality provision instead of preparing three separate agreements. Staff manualsThe staff manual conveys to its employees the philosophy and objectives of the dental practice. Hygienists, receptionists and other office workers are the face of the dental office. They create the mood of the practice, which strengthens or reduces the goodwill of the practice. Manuals can provide staff with a guide to ensure a consistent attitude throughout practice. For example, if the practice prides itself on being professional and caring, friendly and compassionate, the personnel manual should be aimed at all collaborators. In addition, since the staff of a dental practice plays a key role in the development of the public image of a dental practice, it is essential to manage the staff effectively. Happy and satisfied employees rather offer excellent service. Effective communication between the employer and the worker cannot be sufficiently emphasized. Employees need to know what the practice expects of them and what they can expect from the practice. Typically, only one dentist enters into an employment contract with the practice, while other staff members do not have written agreements with the dental practice. As a result, the personnel manual may contain: Philip M.

Bogart is associated with the business department of Saul Ewing LLP`s Baltimore office. A copy of the report must be provided within forty days of payment of the fee and receipt of the identifying information, if requested. . . .