Sis Agreement

BIETA; Bilateral Interline-e-ticketing agreements – The publication of IATA`s Bilateral Inter-Ticket Inter-Ticketing Inter-Ticketing (MITA) bilateral agreements, which provides all bilateral electronic ticketing agreements for passengers and freight. BIETA describes bilateral agreements under which passengers and cargo use a standard transport document (i.e. a passenger ticket or an air travel letter) to travel on different modes of transportation that participate in a route to reach a final destination. All airlines (IATA members and not IATA) and their intermodal partners have the right to become siS parties under the SIS for Airlines – Intermodal program. This membership covers all 4 categories of submission: passenger, freight, UATP and other/non-transport. Participation costs under this model vary according to budget estimates of operating costs and vary depending on the size and status of the participant (larger, smaller, etc.); IATA, not IATA, etc.). This is the basic agreement for participation in the SIS and includes governance rights such as the ability to vote in favour of changes to the standard inter-professional agreement terms or to vote for functionality changes at the SIS general meeting. These terms and conditions of use represent the full agreement between you and DemSIS regarding your use of this website and include all previous agreements regarding your use of this site. An example of a „typical siS participation agreement“ (pdf) is only available for informational purposes and not for signature. The costs of using siS under this program are described in Schedule A (pdf) of the agreement. Registered Prorate – A distribution provider has the option to download rates from Integrated Settlement and specify who can download these rates. Integrated billing then stores the prorate, where they are considered a „clean stored height.“ As an option, the sales medium may specify that prorates should not be stored, but only switched; in this case, they are sent directly to the intended collection carrier.

SDF – Supporting Documents File – a file with all support documents associated with billing transactions filed in the SIS. SOC2 – Certification of controls in a service organization relevant to security, availability, processing integrity, privacy or data protection. SPA – Special Prorate Convention – bilateral prorate agreement between Interline partners, which replaces the prorate multilateral agreement. 15.1 We may transfer this contract to another person. We may transfer our rights and obligations under these conditions to another organization. In this case, we will always inform you in writing and ensure that the transfer does not affect your contractual rights. Form TO defines the contract agreement between the contractor and the EA and binds the two parties to the contract for the services requested. Smart Contract – Is essentially a digital protocol designed to enable, validate and manage the negotiation or implementation of an agreement. On 14 June 1985, five Member States and the Netherlands signed an agreement for the creation of a borderless territory and the establishment of a common policy on temporary entry of persons and cross-border police cooperation.

This is known as the `Schengen area`. The name was taken from the name of the city, at the border and where such an agreement was signed.