Sharjah Municipality Rent Agreement

A customer can create a user account on the site, log in, click on the „Electronic Services and Smart Services“ option, and select rental management services, and then follow the certification steps. Looking for a new home in Sharjah? Browse Bayut`s offerings to find the perfect rentals or spacious villas to rent in Sharjah. – An applicant for an annual subscription in the electronic lease system must be a genuine government office specializing in property management and rental of land and all types of real estate and must have a commercial license issued by the Sharjah Economic Development Department.- A participant is fully responsible for registering on his account by a third party , its obligation in the underwriting application to be responsible for all criminal and civil consequences without having to file claims with third parties or wait for court decisions. – A participant must not seize false information or seizures for the purpose of carrying out a transaction in the electronic system, otherwise the municipality is authorized to impose fines on the relevant authorities and to refer the offender to the relevant authorities.- A participant, in the event of payment of all the sums owed on behalf of a tenant, is fully responsible for all costs and fines that the participant recovers in cash or as collateral from a tenant. on behalf of the municipality. , and in the event of a financial dispute with a third party, the participant cannot assert rights against the municipality, but the municipality has the right to file claims against the participant to collect his dues.- The municipality is not liable for damages or losses of financial transactions that are incomplete on the electronic system and these transactions are the subject of electronic hacking on a common computer.- The relevant authority may impose fines on a participant. , as stated in the taxes and schedule of fines listed below, if the subscriber does not renew the early rental contract monthly.- The tax for an electronic lease is aligned with the usual fee for a traditional contract.- Subject to rules and regulations regarding violations and abuse of government websites or data. , the municipality may impose fines as indicated in the fines and fee schedules listed below, and refer the offender to the relevant authority.- The subscription to the electronic lease system is an annual subscription valid from the date of approval of the subscription application with the relevant service. – The signature of the participant on the application for an annual subscription in the electronic rental system is considered to be an explicit consent to the obligation to comply with the conditions, fees and fines set for the electronic system.