Operating Agreement Management Fee

(e) each contracting party to this agreement, by its application of this agreement, irrevocably submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of state and federal courts in New York County, New York, for the purpose of legal action; The appeal, means or recourse (in the contract, by illegal means or by other means), the investigation, the procedure or investigation resulting from or on the basis of this agreement or the purpose of this agreement renounces the law which is not prohibited by the applicable law and undertakes not to allow one of its subsidiaries to assert, by way of the application, as a defence or by other means, in such a remedy, such a request that it is not personally submitted to the court. whether its property is exempt or immunized from seizure or enforcement, that such a procedure, brought by one of the aforementioned courts, is inappropriate, or that the agreement or the purpose of this agreement or this agreement or it cannot be implemented by that court or by it, and (iii) agreeing not to bring or maintain an appeal, request, means or recourse (in the contract, by unlawful means or by other means), for the purpose of investigating, proceeding or investigating or on the basis of this agreement or the purpose of this agreement or the purpose of this agreement, which do not relate to any of the jurisdictions mentioned above, to file an application or to take any further action , the transfer or withdrawal of such an act, such action, remedy, means or remedy (in the treaty), an unlawful act or otherwise), an investigation, procedure or investigation before a court other than one of the aforementioned courts, whether for uncomfortable grounds of jurisdiction or otherwise. Notwithstanding the above, to the extent that, in a dispute in which it can assert the compensation rights covered in this agreement, a party is considered to be in point (i) above. Notwithstanding the above, any party to this agreement may bring and maintain an action for the enforcement of a judgment of one of the aforementioned courts before a competent court. Each party agrees to notify the procedure in such a procedure in a manner authorized by New York law and accepts that the meaning of the procedure is reasonably calculated by registered or authenticated mail, Confirmation of return requested at the address indicated in section 10 (b) is reasonably calculated to be effectively communicated. A management contract, such as a franchise agreement, is at the heart of the countless agreements negotiated by an owner in connection with the ownership and operation of a hotel. These documents should be negotiated carefully and with the advice of a lawyer who could highlight the problems and contribute to the achievement of the owner`s objectives. Management agreements can generally be negotiated more easily than franchise agreements. Owners should take this opportunity to make the best possible business to protect their investment. The company recognizes and agrees that the company, and to the extent that it applies, will lead the controlled entities (as defined below) to have the payment to the parties compensated to be paid in respect of possible commonly repayable claims (as defined below) in accordance with the provisions of the Delaware General Corporations Act, as amended, (ii) this agreement, (iii) the incorporation and the statutes of the corporation as amended; (iv) any other agreement between the company or a controlled entity and the parties compensated under which the stolen parties are compensated; (v) the laws of the legal order of the constitution or organization of a controlled entity and/or vi) of the constitutive act, status, status, partnership agreement, enterprise agreement, constitution; , the certification of the limited partnership or other documents of organization or administration of a controlled unit (i) by (vi) collectively the „sources of compensation“), regardless of a right of recovery that the parties concerned may have of a company, limited liability company, partnership, joint venture, trust, staff benefit plan o