Hlb Credit Card Agreement

When you receive your new credit/renewed/replaced card, always check that the card is in your name and that the sealed package is not compromised. Contact the bank immediately if the card is not in your place or if the seal is being handled. You can have a credit card, but do you feel like you really own it? How about remembering that „If you can dream it, you can do it.“ or „Do you expect problems and eat them for breakfast!“ every time you wipe your card? If you need more assistance, call 1-800-80-3006 for Visa Concierge or 1-800-80-4594 for MasterCard Global Service. For more information on these privileges, see www.visaplatinum.com or www.mastercardplatinumcollection.com. You are now entitled to a forex kit preferably for transfers abroad by simply producing your credit card in one of our bank branches. Through our e-Bank services channel, we offer you the selection of credit card payment and transaction options: Pay attention to high-pressure sales tactics such as „SCRATCH – WIN“ when you ask for your card data. Secure your mailbox, collect your emails immediately and watch out for identity theft. If you do not receive your credit card statements on time, please report to your bank immediately. Of course, you have to be careful if you choose what you want to be engraved on your card – you won`t pass if there are vulgarities! 22.

The principal holders of the AirAsia Platinum („AirAsia Platinum“) card are automatically qualified for big Platinum membership of the BIG Platinum program (operated by AirAsia`s indirect subsidiary and BIG partner) for the first year only. If by chance you are in the neighborhood, why not fall through one of our stores nationwide to carry out your credit card transactions? Here`s a short list of what you can do in our e-Bank centers: Don`t leave your credit card in your car glove compartment to avoid card theft. How can you customize your Hong Leong Bank card? You can withdraw up to 90% of your available credit limit (depending on availability). All you need to do is call 03-79501188 to request a cash advance and the approved amount will be transferred within the next business day to your savings account or current account. It is reserved for legitimate card members on a free basis and should not be considered the creation of a legal non-loan of your card to anyone. Your card is not transferable. Don`t carry a PIN with your card or disclose it to anyone. i. 1% transaction fee collected by Visa International and/or Mastercard International; and do not disclose your personal data or card data to unknown parties. Keep bank phone numbers ready to immediately report every lost or stolen card. A Lways regularly checks your credit cards to make sure there are no shortage of cards in your wallet.

Find out when your outstanding credit card balance, payment due date and minimum amount are due. Connect to card protection if you are offered by your bank, which helps you report all your cards (including those issued by other banks) with a single call if you lose your wallet. Never leave your credit card in an unsecured place, at home or in the office where someone can access it. If you don`t want to use your card, keep it in a safe place. Knowing that they keep control of all circumstances is pure luxury. Beyond immediate recognition and admiration, the Hong Leong Platinum American Express credit card connects you to a unique establishment that embodies good life like no other card.