Charles Schwab Agreement

You agree to carefully consider your financial situation, tolerance for risk and investment objectives and market conditions before deciding to use margin credits or short-term account functions. By requesting a margin account and/or placing a margin order, you recognize that, with the terms of the margin agreement, you have carefully considered all of these factors and have decided that margin financing is right for you. We take market data from stock exchanges and securities markets, as well as third parties that transmit market data (hereafter referred to as „market data providers“ in this section). All market data is protected by copyright. We provide market data for your non-commercial personal use; You cannot in any way sell, market or distribute them unless you have written agreements with the relevant market data providers. Schwab offers a number of account types, service features and service plans, each called „service“ for the purposes of your account contract. Each service may have one-time fees and additional conditions. By signing up for a service or using a service in another way and not re-registering for that service, you agree to comply with the terms or conditions of use of that service in addition to this account agreement. If my Schwab account is converted to another Schwab account, whether it`s closing my Schwab account and opening another account, or some other way, I agree to read the terms of the agreement and attach it to the agreement that governs the other account in effect from time to time at the time of conversion and in the modified version thereafter.

I understand that the terms of account of such an other account at Schwab, including account fees, other fees and fees, cash characteristics, interest rates and cash returns, may be different and more or less advantageous than comparable terms on my Schwab account. If I do not receive or understand the agreement on the account on which my Schwab account is converted, I will notify Schwab. Arbitration required. Regulators require that any brokerage agreement with a pre-litigation agreement must reveal that the agreement contains a pre-agreement clause. This agreement includes a pre-agreement clause. By signing an arbitration agreement, the parties agree that certain securities and other assets held now or later in your marginal and short account may be mortgaged, mortgaged or otherwise used. In this case, we can obtain compensation for the use of such securities. The value of the securities and other assets we mortgage or mortgage may be greater than the amount you owe us. Securities fully paid or considered „surpluses“ under current legislation must not be mortgaged, mortgaged or used, unless you have signed a separate written agreement that gives us the right to do so. This agreement contains significant terms of sale applicable to Schwab IRAs and Schwab IRA`s services, including the traditional IRA and the Roth IRA.