Unenforceable Credit Card Agreements

I have received letters from Cabot for 5 different accounts to say that they cannot find the papers and recognize that the debt is unenforceable. I now have letters for 2 of the accounts that say I missed payments – contact them on the debt payment. You are not saying anywhere that the debt is unenforceable. Am I correct in thinking that, following an unmet cca application, any additional written correspondence from the creditor should recognize that the debt is unenforceable? Thanks for the answer, is this debt not applicable if they are not able to present a credit contract? Sorry for the questions I`m just a little nervous about swinging the boat so the procedure raised a question about the legitimacy of registration as a default in credit reference agencies of a non-payment of money from a debtor (or tenant) of money paid under a regulated but irreversible credit contract. The Court of Appeal allowed the applicants to appeal against the judge`s finding that they had not proven a cause and effect, in particular finding that it was not fair to characterize the first applicant as a beneficiary as a delay in his lease-sale, after a competent court found that he was irretrievably unenforceable against him. Hello Sara, I sent an account back to FSO because CCA Link sent me was unreadable and it was missing o it lacked. Am I still waiving payments? You want to be safe! Link also sent me a final letter of disagreement on a debt that I did not dispute. I asked the CCA in March for not being established. It replied in April that the debt was not applicable because it could not deliver the CCA. In the real world, is it possible to declare a credit contract null or void under the Consumer Credit Act and not have to repay the borrowed money? There are many ads from claims management companies that promise that this is possible (for a fee). Sign up here to challenge your credit and credit card contract, then rest and wait while all your debts and credits are cleaned up.

Hello Sara, I recently filed a complaint with Tesco about a credit card I took in 2014. I think the card should never have been given to me (only a very large credit with Tesco two months earlier, and maxed out another 9k card that I withdrew 3 months earlier). Tesco said they didn`t think they could investigate my complaint because the card was removed more than 6 years ago. It`s true? Is it worth trying with them again or talking to the mediator? Thank you he concluded: „The verdict showed that both the High Court and the OFT are in financial law and consumer claims, particularly in the areas of credit contract accountability, are in complete agreement. If the creditor does not easily find the CCA agreement, they can send you a confirmation of your request. The letter of debt specifies that your liability in the event of unpaid debts consists of a credit facility resulting from a written agreement that you have entered into and that a copy of that written agreement may be requested by the lender. However, you are not allowed to see a copy of a real agreement that you have signed, that is, the agreement with your signature. Thus, under the legislation, a creditor has the right to submit a reconstituted copy, that is, a presentation of the original, if he must provide a copy of an agreement. So if you`re asking for a copy of an agreement, don`t expect to see a document that contains your signature. I hope you can help me with something about Aqua credit cards.

In March 2013, I received an Aqua card despite numerous failures and delays (I have an irresponsible credit complaint).