Po Box Agreement

Despite the aforementioned notice periods, the contract remains in effect until the mailbox keys are returned to Posten Norge. Lost keys must be replaced by the tenant. So everything looks pretty comfortable, but do I give rights or something like signing on the file? Is there additional attention or oversight when signing such an agreement? I am not paranoid, because I can see the legitimate value of all services, it is just that in the present times, it is very prudent to question everything! The tenant can terminate the contract with one month`s notice. The contract to rent a post office box is concluded between the tenant and the Norge AS station. The tenant receives two keys from the mailbox when the contract is concluded. All additional keys must be provided by the tenant himself. If the contractual terms are seriously violated or if the mailbox is used for illegal purposes, the contract may be terminated with immediate effect. Delays in payment are considered a significant breach of contract. The contract is terminated with the death of the tenant or the liquidation of the business. The rent is charged each year in advance. Any rent paid is not refunded if the contract is terminated.

Changes to the agreement, such as . B a new billing address and changes made to mailbox users must be reported to the post office where the post office is located or to Posten Norge`s after-sales service team. The mail addressed to the mailbox after the termination of the contract is forwarded to a new address if a change of address has been registered and in accordance with an agreement relating to the deviation. If there is no record of a change of address/agreement regarding the deviation, the contribution is returned to the sender. In the United States, po-boxes are generally available through the United States Postal Service (USPS). They are usually arranged from the smallest boxes at the top to the larger boxes on the ground. The two largest sizes can be configured as drawers. To rent a Po Box, two different forms of identification are required. At least one of them must be a valid photo ID. This also applies to other people who wish to share the box with the original subscriber`s permission and who are of legal age.

The post office does not send emails from a mailbox until the field is closed, and then only to one address for all subscribers. As part of the agreement to rent a post office box, the post office will indicate, on request, the geographical (road) address of the company when the mailbox is used for businesses. The Norge position may terminate the contract with a period of two to two months if the postal establishment is hired or moved in a manner that would alter the postal address of the mailbox. If the mailbox is to be used by more than one person, this is shown on the first page of the agreement. If a certain number of recipients must receive mail in the same mailbox, all users have reciprocal access to all mailbox posts. Posten Norge disclaims any responsibility for the misuse of this access. Street Addressing has the same post office street address as well as a „unit number“ that matches the P.O. box number. For example, the post office is located in El Centro, California, on 1598 Main Street. Therefore, for P.O. Box 9975 (fictitious), street addressing would be: 1598 Main Street Unit 9975, El Centro, CA National, the first five digits of the zip code may or may not be the same as the P.O.